All know Erra had limited time with his son, Imran Aleesya II. Understanding between him and his father Aleesya prove they really want this child to be happy even if they are not together all the time. Erra has its own way to spend time with their children when at home.

"I try not to have any outdoor work when Aleesya with me. We like to spend most of our time at home. Of course, we like to go out shopping, but time at home is important.

"Believe me and Aleesya not like posing in their living room. Various small studio behind both of us, especially when out shopping. We will try all the stuff we buy. Mainly clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. 'Pose' same wall kat ni ... mother and son were more people, "said Erra's special corner of this house.

So when Nippon Paint offer their services to paint any part of the ERRA love, he chose the wall of his living room. He said that he wanted a modern and exclusive look. Do not want too much or too classic because Kanye wants adjusted with simple furniture of his house.

Nippon Paint representative agreed with the view because they thought that Erra Erra decor has touches of modern English, especially sofa choice. After agreeing with the views expressed Nippon Paint team then select Classic Chic concept.

This concept provides an overview of modern living, although there is a touch of English. Through this cat can express the concept of what is described by Erra who love modern and exclusive atmosphere. He did not want frills or too classic.

"Concept Classic Chic featuring paint Nippon Odor-less Aircare: Hush

White (OW 1003P) for the entire wall of the living room. Picture wall also looks elegant with a combination of paint Turned Earth (N 1919D) Glazed Over Enhancer With Nippon Momento 03 Gold Frost "

"Wow looks more spacious and attractive after the renovations from Japan

Paint. Yes ... this is where mini studios confirm Erra and Aleesya election. Hmm ... must look like the studio kat! Erra arises like the golden touch a little bit on this wall. Kind wallpaper but paint. Beautiful, can not wait to pose with Aleesya. "